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Nando’s Launches Wingman Wednesdays to Heat Up Dating

Nando’s Launches Wingman Wednesdays to Heat Up Dating

February 15th 2023: Nando’s is reminding people it’s the number one date spot in Ireland with the launch of Wingman Wednesday’s. From today, lovers looking to fire up conversation on their date can now unlock prompts via a unique code, when they order wings off the menu in any Nando’s restaurant.

It’s no secret that over the years Nando’s has earnt itself a reputation as Ireland’s favourite date spot amongst young people. It’s casual dining set up offers a relaxed atmosphere, and its flavoursome flame grilled PERi-PERi is basically a love language in itself. However, Nando’s knows that young love has never been so complicated which is why it has launched Wingman Wednesdays.

Created for when even the most confident Casanova’s stumble on their words, Wingman Wednesday’s offers easily accessible icebreakers whilst you and your date enjoy a plate of wings. Icebreakers are ranked from Lemon and Herb to Extra-Hot, so whether you’re just warming up, or feeling the heat, Nando’s has got your back.

To launch Wingman Wednesdays, Nando’s has teamed up with social publisher LADbible Group to bring together the tastiest food, dating, and entertainment. Fans can tune in to the new ‘Loves Young Wingman’ series hosted by the internet’s favourite comedian Munya Chawawa on Ladbible and UNILAD. Follow the first date of three matchmade couples playing Wing Roulette, whilst Chawawa delivers prompts in their ear. With a new episode dropping each Wednesday until the 1st March, fans should stay tuned to find out whether things turn out to be Extra-Hot, or Plain(ish).

Wingman Wednesday’s launches in Nando’s restaurants across Ireland from today for a limited time. Watch the first episode of ‘Loves Young Wingman’ HERE. To stay up to date with the latest Nando’s news visit www.nandos.ie and follow Nandosuk on Instagram and TikTok.