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What is Park Easy?

Park Easy is our parking management system.

We have undertaken a major refurbishment of the main car park, making the parking experience easier, safer, and less stressful for visitors with real-time parking information helping customers find a space more quickly and no need for a ticket.

Park Easy gives our customers 3 easy and convenient ways to pay:

  1. Pay online through their free Park Easy account
  2. Pay at one of our pay stations located throughout the centre or
  3. Pay directly at the exit barrier by tapping their card.

Please Note: If you sign-up for a Park Easy Account while visiting the Shopping Centre, your new account will not be active until your next trip to the Shopping Centre.

To learn more download our leaflet here

How Does a Park Easy Account Work?

  1. Sign-up for a free account and add your vehicle registration number.
  2. When you arrive and leave the car park the barrier will lift automatically. Less time spent in queues!
  3. We’ll bill your card directly and send you a receipt.

Parking Tariffs

0-3 hours: €2.50 8am – 6pm
3-4 hours: €5.00 8am – 6pm
4-5 hours: €7.50 8am – 6pm
5-6 hours: €10.00 8am – 6pm
6-7 hours: €12.50 8am – 6pm Max Day Rate
Evening: €2.50 Flat Rate 6pm - 8am

Please note our new system is ticketless and is accepting cashless payments only.

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