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10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

Hi Yvonne, welcome to Liffey Valley Style HQ! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Let’s begin…

1. Yvonne, you blog about your life and style, why did you choose to be a blogger?

I didn’t actually, it just kind of happened. I gave up working in HR when I had Matthew so stayed at home for 5 years. The day Matthew started school I started a personal styling course as all I ever wanted to do was work in fashion. I set up YStyle on Facebook & Instagram literally the day the course ended. I wanted to advertise myself and my style. I had no clients to start with so started posting headless shots of myself in different outfits and that took off. I just went for it, had no clue what I was doing just that I loved fashion and here I am now 3 and a half years later. Think it’s best not to over think things! Just go for it.

10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

2. February is the month of date nights and weekends away, what style tips do you have?

 I think date nights are so important – even though I refuse to call them that ha! Too cheesy! I just think when life is so manic it’s really important to take time out for chats and a laugh, kid free! Even though sometimes I feel wrecked and the thoughts of going out seem too much, I’m always glad once we escape.

I love weekends away too but that gets harder with kids unless you have great babysitters. We are lucky to have my parents to help out. Style wise though I’m all about the fast getaway! So its skinnies, a “nice” top, a blazer and heels, my go to style. If we are away Paul always has some activity planned, so I need trainers and comfy gear too. If it’s a dressy hotel or if it’s summer I’ll make the effort and wear a dress or pleated skirt and top or a jumpsuit, but most times our number one priority is the food, drink & chats! Clothes take second place….am I a terrible stylist? Also, most date nights Paul makes me get the bus! He bought me my own leap card. True love.

10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

3. What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum?

The love you get back. I love when we are all together having dinner or watching a movie or they are all fighting to tell you about their day at dinner time and I sometimes just think to myself, we made these 3. They are nuts and loud and sometimes I could murder them all, but the love they give and the love I feel is the best thing. 

10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

4. What advice would you give to our Mummy followers?

To try find a style that works for you and for your life now. I think it’s important to be confident in your own style and not constantly comparing yourself to others…..even though we all do! Also after kids your body is never the same. Ever!! So you need a rethink.

So, if you find a style that works for you in terms of jeans, necklines, colours, fit etc then shopping becomes easier and you can ignore a load of styles that don’t suit you. There is no point in being a slave to trends, it’s too much like hard work & too expensive. If you can figure out your style and buy classic items you will wear again and again then life becomes easier. Also, you need to be comfortable! Shoes and boots that you can walk in. Jeans that stay up & flatter. Coats that you can drive in and go for walks in. Everything needs to work! Then treat yourself to a bit of bling or some car to bar heels or a bag you love ��. The treats and rewards are important too! A necessity!

10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

5. What is your favourite piece of clothing right now?

My pale blue coat from H&M. I'm loving all the gentle pastel shades that are coming in for spring. Think every girl should have a pale blue coat or a dusty pink one. Both fab with grey & so feminine. Also love the black & cream pleated skirt I got for Christmas from H&M & it's still in stock. They always have great pieces that are a little bit different but priced really well. You just need to hunt!

6. Where is your favourite place to shop? Do you have any favourite stores in Liffey Valley?

H&M. I also love Coast for occasion wear & Carraig Donn, especially for accessories & gifts, the Knight & Day range is beautiful.

7. What 3 things can you not live without in your handbag?

My phone. My wallet. A pen and notepad (old school). I should probably say makeup before a pen, but honestly, I need my pen more! So many lists!

8. What was the last picture you took on your phone? Can you show us?

Weirdly I wasn’t in the shops today so the last picture on my phone is actually of a child! Luke asked me to take a picture of his sand mud ball on the beach yesterday and to email it to him. Maybe he should have worked on putting his tongue back in.

10 Questions with… Yvonne Melinn, Y Style

9. What is your pet peeve?

Noisy eaters – it makes me want to throw up!

10. What achievement are you most proud of?

My 3 kids.