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10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

1. Do you like shopping and where is your favourite place to shop?

Kelly- I LOVE shopping. I much prefer going to the store than online shopping as you can physically see what you are buying. My favourite place to shop is Penneys, Liffey Valley- cheap and cheerful!

EllaMay- Claire’s Accessories because I love everything in the whole shop and it's full of colours and glitter.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

2. How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?

Kelly- You will always find me in jeans & a t-shirt but for anything other than day-to-day I always like to wear something bright and memorable. 

It's too easy to feel defeated when you're confronted with pictures of women all over the world who have access to the newest and the most exclusive pieces especially when they're wearing individual items that cost more than everything you own combined. 

A huge fashion inspiration for me is Courtney Smith. She is a stylist from Dublin, her dress sense is out of this world.

EllaMay- I wear shorts and t-shirts all the time but I love what JoJo Siwa and Taylor Swift wear.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

3. Do you have any nicknames? 

EllaMay- Yep. Ella, EllaBella, ElsBells and my Mam calls me her little hunny bunny.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

4. What was the last picture you took on your phone? Can you show us? 

Kelly- The last picture I took was our "lunch" in London in the most amazing cake shop on the planet. We are already planning a trip back.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

5. What’s your favourite thing to do with your mum? 

EllaMay- Go to the playground or go get an ice-cream. I like to do playdoh with her too. She's really good at making stuff and I am learning to make the same things. I love making unicorns.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

6. What’s your favourite kids store in Liffey Valley? 

Kelly- My favourite kids store is either Next or River Island. They both have HUGE kids sections with lots of selection.

EllaMay- Claires Accesories. I bought my Harry Potter school bag in there last week.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

7. What’s in your summer beach bag? 

Kelly- We only have one beach bag because EllaMay won't carry one. Lots and lots of suncream. Skin is SO important. An iPod for some music and some snacks because EllaMay NEVER stops eating haha!

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

8. Who’s your favourite singer? 

EllaMay-Taylor Swift, her concert was the best! 

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

9. When was the best day of your life?

Kelly- Typical mother answer......The day EllaMay was born. It's been non stop fun ever since. She is my little best friend, I love watching her grow. 


10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May

10. What’s your star sign and do you think it matches your personality?

Kelly- I'm a Scorpio- and it most definitely matches my personality. Fiery. Mostly laidback and patient but dont test my patience haha.

EllaMay- She is a Gemini- vivacious and positive. She is so animated and happy all the time there is actually no two other words I would use to describe her.

10 Questions with…Kelly & Ella May