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Unlock Delicious Rewards with Nando’s Double Chillies Promotion

Unlock Delicious Rewards with Nando’s Double Chillies Promotion

Craving the unmistakable flavor of PERi-PERi? Well, Nando’s has some spicy news for you! The Double Chillies promotion is back on Nando’s Rewards, and it's about to make your taste buds dance. Starting from November 13th to 19th, indulge in your favorite PERi-PERi delights and earn Double Chillies for every day you spend €7 or more.

What's Nando’s Rewards?

Every time you spend €7 or more, you earn Chillies – one order equals one Chilli. Accumulate Chillies, and you'll find yourself on a delicious journey towards free food. The more you indulge, the bigger the Rewards become.

How to Join the Double Chilliea? 

Even if you're not already part of Nando’s Rewards, fear not! Jump on the bandwagon during the promotion, and you’ll receive a bonus Chilli just for signing up. This means you're just one more order away from securing your first Green Reward!

Save the Date and Double the Flavor:

Mark your calendar! The Nando’s Rewards Double Chillies promotion is sizzling hot and running across Ireland from November 13th to 19th. This mouthwatering opportunity coincides with Nando’s existing discounts, creating the perfect storm of flavour and savings.